Hertel Postcard, 2019

Vincent Alejandro


The “Welcome to Hertel” mural is a part of graffiti artist Vincent Alejandro’s neighborhood postcard series that he has been doing around Buffalo. He has had a passion for graffiti art ever since he was younger. He regularly attends graffiti festivals across the US and hosts two of his own, The Hertel Alley Street Art Festival and Paint vs Paint, that take place here in Buffalo, NY. His goal is to expand the boundaries of what a spray can, can do and how people view that medium. For this particular mural he was influenced by an old mid-century postcard style mixed with buildings throughout Hertel Avenue itself. The life and transformation of the Avenue is reflected in this mural. Within the letters you can see Saint Margaret’s church, the curved store fronts, North Park Theater, the flag representing the Italian heritage in the area and the sign welcoming you to Little Italy.