Untitled, 2021

Vivid Buffalo


This beautiful mural was painted by Jeremy and Angela Miklas, along with their Vivid Buffalo team. Located at the India Gate Restaurant, which is on 1264 Hertel Ave, this painting features a giant central figure walking down Main Street in the Theater District. It has been completed since 2021. The idea of a mural being placed came into play in 2019, but it was totally different from what it is today. Originally, the mural was a peacock sitting on a branch.  Jeremy wanted to add another mural on the building with the owner’s permission and financial support. He takes a different approach by creating an online poll to see if anyone would support it.  At the time of planning, the restaurant was named New Jewel of India. Jeremy has a special connection to this place, as him and his wife would order food every Friday from there while she was pregnant with their daughter.