The Rat Pack

The Rat Pack, 2021

Chuck Tingley


One of Chuck Tingley’s murals is The Rat Pack. This masterpiece consists of three famous entertainers, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. Sinatra expresses the Italian persona. Martin, a singer and actor, was also known for retaining his Italian heritage throughout his career.  Davis, while not Italian, has been influenced by Italian culture as well. He imitated Sinatra and looked up to him like an older brother. All three of them had deep Italian spirits running through their body. While there are more members of the group such as Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop, these three in the mural were considered the more prominent members of the pack.

Founded in late 1940s by Humphrey Bogart, they received their name due to Bogart’s wife calling them a rat pack when he and his friends returned from Las Vegas. After Bogart’s death, Sinatra became the leader in 1957. From there, The Rat Pack would help each other’s careers by booking gigs and making unannounced appearances in each other’s shows. They have also appeared in films such as Ocean’s 11 and Sergeant 3.